06 March 2013

The promised bathroom round up

Finally! I had the bathroom in a respectable state today and remembered to get out the camera for some photos. The laundry, well, this is an exercise in reality blogging not picture perfect blogging!

We love our new bathroom, it took about 5 months from start to complete finish and was out of action for about 4 of those 5 months. The cost ended up being around $22000, a little more than we expected but still much less than quoted ($40,000+)!

The toilet is separate to the bathroom, so, no, the we did not have to go 5 months without one!

We did everything except the asbestos removal, plumbing and electricity. When I say 'we', once J arrived two months into the process I bowed out and A did the rest of the job. We did have assistance over a couple of weekends from keen parents and my sister which certainly helped move the process along.

So without further ado, here are the pictures.

Bathroom before...

Bathroom after...

Bathroom - the reality!

Laundry before...

Laundry after

So there you go. Quick explanation - the original bathroom and laundry were next to each other going down the hallway and the laundry had a door to the backyard. We took out the wall between both rooms and created a European laundry in the hallway. This stopped the waste of space that was the walkway in the laundry and gave us more space to play with in the bathroom design. The bath and half the shower area is in the space that was the laundry. The wet room design worked for us as it is efficient in terms of space and means that J and any future kiddies can splash all they like without wetting the whole room!

Ok, so that's it. Thanks for reading and commenting over the past couple of years. 

Be well xoxo


Sammie said...

Looks great Christie. Well done!
Look after yourself and your little family xxx

In The Night Sky said...

It looks wonderful, you guys did a great job!

Michelle said...

It looks fantastic and well under budget. Just goes to show a few months of giving up weekends and you can achieve a lot. Im sure you'll all enjoying the shiny new bathroom and family time now thats all over .... well until the next project that is :D